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Home Care Solutions: Fall Risk Reduction in Fountain Hills, North East Scottsdale, North East Phoenix, and Mesa Areas

Help your senior loved one from injuring themselves from an accidental fall with our fall risk reduction home care solutions

Many individuals, older adults among them, are not aware of just how important fall risk reduction is for seniors. Taking a fall can seriously impact a seniors quality of life for the worst. Did you know that a majority of emergency room visits by people over the age of 65 are the direct result of taking a fall? Incorporating fall risk reduction into your loved one’s home care solutions program can help them live better and more independently for a long time, which is why it is part of our standard senior care package.

Over two decades of working with seniors across the country, we have come to understand that many older adults actually shy away from activity and exercise out of fear that they may take a fall. It goes without saying that staying active is incredibly important for older adults, and by helping eliminate the risk of falls, we can be helping them improve their lives for the better overall. We can help add incremental years to a senior’s life with proper home care solutions. Many seniors also decide to move away from their family homes and into nursing homes out of fear of falling or because they have already taken a fall. If you know how important it is for older adults to continue living in their own homes – eight out of ten seniors say they prefer it to moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility – then you can understand how sad this fact truly is.

We want to help your loved one stay healthy, confident and safe in their homes. That's why our comprehensive Balance Care and Fall Risk Reduction services include the following home care solutions:

  • An assessment of your loved one’s home;
  • Activities contributing to the reduction of falls;
  • Coordinating the modification of your loved one’s home by overseeing construction of new hand rails, grab bars and safer bath tubs;
  • Encouraging your loved one to stay active and exercise as much as possible;
  • Helping your loved one eat well and stay hydrated;
  • Helping them move around their home and get up and out of sitting or laying positions;
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS);
  • Home monitoring devices and emergency response assistance;

To find out more about our home care solutions and fall risk reduction, please give us a call today. 




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